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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Pain at the pump? Guest speakers discuss fuel alternatives

Forget road rage when another vehicle cuts you off. And fighting for a parking space? No sweat.

For most drivers today, there are few things more frustrating than standing at the fuel pump, watching as the numbers go up and up.
Armed with the right information on ethanol and biodiesel, however, Kansas drivers could be in for some relief.

A technology class at Pittsburg State University will welcome two experts on ethanol (E-85) and biodiesel this Thursday, June 19. Sue Schulte, director of communications with the Kansas Corngrowers Association, and Dennis Hupe, director of field services for the Kansas Soybean Commission, will speak to the class about the facts and benefits of using ethanol and biodiesel to fuel today’s vehicles. The presentation will be held at 1 p.m. in Room S102 at the Kansas Technology Center.

“Obviously, today’s fuel prices are the number one reason people are interested in this topic,” said Philip McNew, a professor of engineering technology at PSU. “People want to be less reliant on foreign oil. Occasionally, we are presented with information that isn’t always factual about these substances, so that’s why these guests are so important.”

In addition to busting a few myths about ethanol and biodiesel, the speakers will present two vehicles – an E-85 car and a biodiesel pickup truck. The vehicles will be parked inside the classroom for students and visitors to view. According to research, E-85, or “flex” cars (which run on 85 percent ethanol and 15 percent gasoline) can save drivers as much as 50 cents per gallon.

For more information on the presentation, contact McNew at 620-235-4381.

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