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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Leading estimating software donated to PSU

Engineering and construction students at Pittsburg State University now have access to another leading piece of software thanks to a donation worth more than $350,000.

Management Computer Controls, a Memphis, Tenn.-based company, donated 100 licenses for their ICE (Interactive Cost Estimating) 2000 software this summer to PSU. The software, worth $365,995, helps construction companies estimate how much projects will cost, and also helps keep track of costs once work begins.

Dennis Audo, an instructor in engineering technology, said the software is one of the top three estimation programs in the country. In fact, it was the only one of the three PSU didn’t already have.

“It is just one more thing students can put on their resume as being exposed to,” Audo said. “We currently have in our arsenal the top three estimating program in the United States, so all of our students have access to those programs and get experience in using them.”

Audo said he plans to start teaching using ICE 2000 in a few weeks in his Construction Estimating I and II classes.

Audo had used the software in his construction career prior to teaching at PSU. He said he has been negotiating with Management Computer Controls since last October to have the software donated. Once he sent over information about PSU’s curriculum, they were sufficiently impressed to donate the software.

The only stipulation, Audo said, was that he had to attend four days of training in Memphis.

“That was $10,000 training,” Audo said. “And they let me sit in there for free.”

For more information on the Department of Engineering Technology at PSU, call (620) 235-4350. For more information about ICE 2000, go to

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