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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Text messaging a new safety option this fall

With a new semester now underway, officials at Pittsburg State University want make sure returning students feel safe – and that their parents know that in the event of an emergency, notification will be swift.

Nearly 1,200 students have signed up for emergency text messaging since the university implemented the service earlier this summer. The safety communications tool is also available for faculty, staff, and parents. The text messaging option, which is available on the PSU Web site, is part of a package of communications tools that can be used in the case of a campus emergency.

Howard Smith, assistant to the president and director of the university’s crisis response team, said text messaging is just one way that information can be sent during an emergency. In the next two weeks, he will be meeting with offices and departments on campus in an effort to encourage faculty and staff to sign up.

“We know from observing crisis situations on other campuses, that there is no single perfect way to communicate important information to every constituency on and off campus,” Smith said. “But texting is a great option for immediate communication. We hope this is the money we spend that we never need to use.”

The university continues to work on other communications systems including group dialing, external loud speakers and Web-based communications.

“Campus safety is both a top priority and an ongoing process at Pittsburg State,” Smith said.

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