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Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Employees honored for lengthy service

Pittsburg State University honored 87 employees today who together have served the university for a total of 1,540 years. PSU President Tom Bryant said the employees’ record of service was “a testament to their dedication to the university and to its students.”

Employees received pins for 40 years, 35 years, 30 years, 25 years, 20 years, 15 years and 10 years of service.

Bryant said there is no way to measure the impact that long-time employees have had on the university and on the students they have served over the years.

“People are the most precious resource we have,” Bryant said. “It is important that we recognize them for the work they do.”

The employees honored:

40 years
Rolland Cummings, Instructional Media
Kenneth Gordon, Automotive Technology
Robert Ratzlaff, History

35 years
Ruthellyn Hinton, Nursing
Russell Jones, Music
Ted McCormick, Technology Studies
Larry Reese, Housing Maintenance
Kathryn Richard, Business and Technology Institute

30 years
William Bradrick, Technology Management
Butch Herring, University Police and Parking Services
Grace Pugh, Physical Plant
Virginia Schneider, Degree Checking
Donald Ward, Psychology and Counseling

25 years
Raymond Bachura, Graphics and Imaging Technologies
Lloyd Cavitte, Physical Plant
John Chen, Management
Perry Cummins, Automotive Technology
Galen Rupp, Accounting
James Triplett, Biology
James Tullis, Engineering Technology
Robert Walter, Learning Resources

20 years
Jeffrey Brooks, Technology Studies
Bienvenido Cortes, Economics, Finance and Banking
Maeve Cummings, Information Systems
Rita Hardesty, Engineering Technology
Diane Hutchison, Public Relations
Larry Joy, Instructional Media
Kevin Malle, Physical Plant
Larry Miller, Physical Plant
Thomas Musgrove, College of Technology
Marion Patton, Physical Plant
Richard Samford, Library
Mary Scimeca, Accounting
Rozanne Sparks, College of Education
Mary Kay Wachter, Management and Marketing
Ron Womble, Public Relations

15 years
Julie Allison, Psychology and Counseling
Roberta Bigelow, Purchasing
Kelly Borden, Biology
Susan Carlson, English
Barbara Clutter, Computer Science-Information Systems
Denny Grissom, Physical Plant
Kimberly Grissom, University Police and Parking Services
Robert Hefley, Health, Human Performance and Recreation
Kurt Kasjaka, Physical Plant
Mary Jo Litten, Psychology and Counseling
Frank Miller, Curriculum and Instruction
Dorothy Murphy, Physical Plant
Patricia Peak, Academic Affairs
Denise Quier, Advancement
Connie Sharp, Psychology and Counseling
Kenneth Smith, Economics, Finance and Banking
Timothy Thomas, Engineering Technology
Randall Timi, Engineering Technology
Laura Werberger, Housing Maintenance

10 years
Gregory Belcher, Technology Studies
Rebecca Brannock, Psychology and Counseling
Sharyl Brogan, Cashiers and Student Accounts
Ronald Downing, Automotive Technology
Jack Fay, Accounting
Pamela Flanagan, College of Education
Yvonne Gaddy, Physical Plant
Bonnie George, Graphics and Imaging Technologies
Andrew Guo, Business and Technology Institute
Lori Hall, College of Technology
Steve Hall, Physical Plant
Oliver Hensley, Special Services and Leadership Studies
Paul Herring, Engineering Technology
Brent Linder, Technology Studies
Mary Kay Mason, Housing Maintenance
Lynette Olson, College of Arts and Sciences
Paulina O’Malley, Public Relations
Scott Parish, Information Services
Thomas Shoberg, Physics
Scott Simpson, Physical Plant
Howard R. Smith, Curriculum and Instruction
Howard W. Smith, President’s Office
Lewis Stewart, Physical Plant
Joseph Sullivan, Physical Plant
Carolyn Tatum, University Police and Parking Services
June Taylor, Curriculum and Instruction
Kristi Toeller, President’s Office
Kevin Vanlanduit, Information Services
Lauren Werner, Budget Office
Ray Willard, Curriculum and Instruction
Randy Winzer, Engineering Technology

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