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Friday, April 27, 2007

NCAA applauds PSU-community bond

Pittsburg State University President Tom Bryant often says that “What’s good for Pittsburg State is good for our community and what’s good for our community is good for Pittsburg State.” That strong university-community bond and how to promote it in other university towns is the subject of a new NCAA Web site.

The Web site http://www.diicommunity.org/ includes a video about the game day atmosphere in Pittsburg on days that the Gorilla football team plays at home. The video was shot last fall and documents the day-long activities that begin with breakfast at Bob’s Grill, and tailgating in Gorilla Village and ends with PSU football players tossing footballs on the field after the game.

The video is directed by Dr. Rich Luker, a nationally recognized sports and leisure researcher who offers insights on the film about ways other Division II universities can start community engagement programs of their own.

In the video, Luker, surrounded by area children, PSU football players, students and families, said the environment has a lasting impact.

“It’s not just a one-time experience. When it comes times for them to think about school, when they think about community, this is what they remember,” Luker said.

For more information, call Tommy Riggs, PSU associate athletics director, at 620-235-4148.

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