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Thursday, April 13, 2006

Students told to be on the watch for mumps

Pittsburg State University's Student Health Services this week urged students and others on campus to watch for signs of the mumps. The alert is in response to a recent outbreak of the disease in Kansas, primarily in persons ages 20-30.

The University of Kansas has seven confirmed cases of the mumps, but Dr. David Parris, director of Student Health Services at PSU, said today that there have been no confirmed cases at Pitt State.

As a service to the campus community, Student Health Services has created links on its Web page www.pittstate.edu/health to a statement about mumps and to frequently asked questions about the illness.

Student Health Services has asked students who develop symptoms of mumps to call them at 620-235-4452 so they can be evaluated and tested for mumps.

According to Dr. Parris, mumps is a viral illness, spread by droplet contact with infectious respiratory secretions – the same way the common cold is spread. Symptoms of mumps are swelling and discomfort in the jaw (salivary gland) area, on one or both sides. Fever, body aches, and cough are sometimes present. The incubation period is usually 16-18 days although it may vary from 12 – 25 days. Mumps is contagious three days prior to and four days after the onset of symptoms. A person is most contagious 48 hours prior to the appearance of symptoms.

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