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Monday, April 10, 2006

PSU announces $679,000 gift

Thanks to the generosity of one "quiet, unassuming" woman, Pittsburg State University has received an unrestricted gift of $679,000. In her will, Alma Viola Cassin stipulated that one-half of her estate would go to PSU.

Jack Overman recalls Ms. Cassin fondly as a loyal employee of the university and as a family friend.

"She was a very close friend of my mother's," Overman said. "Every Sunday for many years I would go over to the apartments where (Ms. Cassin) lived and bring her over for Sunday dinner."

Overman said Ms. Cassin was a very quiet woman who never sought the limelight or attention. She worked at the university for more than 40 years, beginning in 1928. For most of her years at PSU, Cassin was as an assistant to Belle Provorse, the long-time secretary to President William Brandenburg and the university's chief business officer.

Overman recalled that nearly 30 years ago, he and Rex Crowley first talked to Ms. Cassin about making a provision for the university in her will. He said Ms. Cassin had never married and had no close relatives other than a niece and nephew.

"I'm sure it was comforting to her to make some provision for an institution that she loved and was such a big part of her life," Overman said.

Ms. Cassin died in 1988. From that time until 2005, her estate was held in trust and, in accordance with Ms. Cassin's wishes, interest from the trust was disbursed to two surviving relatives. The death of the last of those relatives late last year made the principle available for disbursement.

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