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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Commissioner meets with educators, students

Dr. Alexa Posny, the Kansas commissioner of education, got “a full dose” of Southeast Kansas today, according to Dr. Andy Tompkins, dean of the PSU College of Education.

Tompkins, who also served as commissioner of education, said he knows first hand how hard it is for the commissioner to visit all areas of the state and he wanted to make sure Posny, who was appointed to her position last year, got to know Southeast Kansas.

Tompkins had a full day planned for the commissioner. They began at the Southeast Kansas Education Center at Greenbush. From there, the commissioner headed to Pittsburg State University where she visited with student teachers. A luncheon with area school officials followed and the day concluded with a visit to the Family Resource Center in Pittsburg.

“I think the commissioner had a very good day,” Tompkins said.

He was especially pleased with the meeting the commissioner had with student teachers.

“She talked about a wide range of important issues like teacher recruitment and retention, quality education in rural and urban communities, and the No Child Left Behind legislation,” Tompkins said. “Then she left time for questions from the students and they had lots. It is a great opportunity for young teachers to have an opportunity to hear from and to ask questions of the commissioner of education.”

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