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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Spring enrollment numbers reveal 2 percent increase

For the fourth year in a row, Pittsburg State University has recorded an increase in spring enrollment numbers, according to an announcement made today by the Kansas Board of Regents.

Total headcount is up 2.1 percent, from 6,422 students last spring to 6,560 students currently. Increases continue across the board: this semester, PSU has recorded more graduate students, more credit hours being taken by the student body, and more students being classified as full-time.

“It’s another semester where we are seeing comfortable and continuous growth,” said Dr. Tom Bryant, president of PSU. “We are keeping up with the needs of the student body while continuing to make room for future students through parking additions and new facilities. I’m very proud that more and more students are seeing the value in Pitt State.”

While total headcount went up, the number of full-time equivalent students rose even more. Pitt State saw a 3 percent increase in students taking a full-time coursework load, 6,147 students this semester compared to 5,967 last spring. This means the university is not only seeing more students, but more students who want to attend full-time.

This semester, the largest increases are being seen in graduate students. Graduate student enrollment is up an impressive 7.5 percent over last spring, and the number of graduate students enrolled in full-time hours is up 11.2 percent. Peggy Snyder, dean of the College of Continuing and Graduate Studies, attributes the increase to an increased awareness of what graduate degrees offer.

“We have made a strong effort to let people know that beyond our great undergraduate programs, we offer graduate programs that make students more marketable for the jobs of today,” Snyder said. “There are many jobs now where having a master’s degree, if not a minimum requirement, is a great asset to a job candidate.”

Significant increases in spring semester new freshmen and international students were recorded, as well. This semester, the student body is enrolled in a total of 86,601 credit hours, an increase of 2.5 percent over last spring.

For more information about enrollment, contact Dr. William Ivy, dean of enrollment management and student success, at 620-235-4111.

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