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Monday, August 20, 2007

PSU integrates new online learning system

With higher education looking for better ways to integrate online learning into traditional offerings, Pittsburg State University has selected a new program to make cyber communication between educators and their students much easier.

The ANGEL (A New Global Environment for Learning) system has been selected by a Pittsburg State University committee as the new replacement for Blackboard. The online network can be used by teachers and students to communicate about class assignments, grades, and to view class materials.

ANGEL, which went into full effect with the start of the fall semester, is a more versatile program than the university’s outdated version of Blackboard, which often shut down due to an overloaded system. When faced with either updating Blackboard or purchasing new software, the group analyzed four options before opting to purchase ANGEL.

Some of the reasons the committee made that decision, said Dr.Brenda Frieden, a committee member, is that the system has extensive e-mail capabilities, the ability to distribute and collect materials, and the option to create community groups.

“It definitely is new for us,” Frieden said. “We felt like we’d outgrown Blackboard’s capacity, and we had to make a decision to upgrade that system or find a new learning management course. We found the features ANGEL offers are best suited for our university.”

So far, PSU has offered 45 three-hour workshops to more than 270 faculty members. More workshops are scheduled through Sept. 7, and will later be offered within each college.

“It definitely is a new system,” said Frieden, who recently used the system for three summer courses, “but I like using it very much.”

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