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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

PSU, Fort Scott Community College sign agreement

Fort Scott Community College President James Miesner, left, and PSU President Tom Bryant sign a shared campus agreement today. Looking on are Judy Collins, FSCC associate dean for the Pittsburg campus, and Steve Scott, PSU vice president for academic affairs.

FSCC, PSU extol benefits of cooperation
Fort Scott Community College President James Miesner and Pittsburg State University President Tom Bryant signed a document on Wednesday, March 7, that set out the details of a shared campus agreement that is allowing more students to get a college education.

Under the shared campus agreement, a number of students enrolled at FSCC are actually living and attending class at Pittsburg State. Some of them are in the PSU/FSCC Qualified Admission Program, which helps students who have not met the criteria for university admission set forth in Kansas Board of Regents Qualified Admissions standards. The PSU/FSCC Qualified Admission Program allows FSCC to offer their classes in PSU classrooms. Those FSCC credits are then transferable to PSU when the students have progressed far enough to be admitted to Pittsburg State.

Other programs included in the shared campus agreement are the FSCC Dental Hygiene, Harley Davidson and John Deere programs. Students in those areas may earn AA or AS degrees and many then choose to continue on to earn a bachelor’s degree through PSU.

Today, a total of 23 students who are part of the shared campus agreement live on campus.

Pittsburg State officials say the shared campus agreement is cost effective for both PSU and FSCC because it allows a better use of both facilities and faculty. While students in the shared campus programs pay FSCC tuition and not PSU tuition, they do pay Pitt State campus privilege fees and carry PSU IDs.

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