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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Summer Institute covers major issues in psychology

Youth violence in schools, the truth about Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, and the role a man's masculinity plays in therapy – they're hot topics in the world of psychology. This summer at PSU, acclaimed professors from across the United States will present these workshops and more through the 2006 Department of Psychology and Counseling Summer Institute.

"Masculinity as a Cultural Variable in Psychotherapy" by Dr. Christopher Kilmartin will be presented on June 8 and 9. Kilmartin has published several books on masculinity issues and related violence. His series focuses on gender ideologies and the theory that because men are culturally pressured to deny their emotional lives, this barrier should be recognized and assessed in the psychotherapy setting. The presentation also focuses on an approach to providing gender-aware psychotherapeutic services to men. Kilmartin is a professor of psychology at the University of Mary Washington-Virginia.

"What Every Child Advocate Needs to Know About Special Education and Working with Schools" by Dr. Reece Peterson will be presented June 15 and 16. Peterson has worked with schools to develop policies for behavioral management, and to address school violence and student aggression. This workshop is designed to educate child advocates on how to better work with schools, especially regarding students in special education. The session reviews major laws affecting children and youth, and provides strategies on understanding the culture of schools. Peterson is a professor of special education at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

"ADHD: A Little Knowledge is Dangerous" by Dr. Jamie Wood will be presented June 22 and 23. Wood is director of the PSU Learning Center and co-director of the School Psychology Program, and has focused his recent research on Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. What he found may seem surprising – most cases of ADHD are diagnosed in early childhood, but nearly two-thirds of cases persist into adulthood. Discussions will focus on diagnosis and intervention, as well as whether most individuals with ADHD are overmedicated. Wood is an associate professor of psychology at Pittsburg State University.

"Doing What Works: Practical Strategies in Solution-Focused Brief Therapy" by Dr. John Murphy will be presented July 6 and 7. Dr. Murphy is an internationally recognized leader and trainer in solution-focused brief therapy and has been named as one of the top five school psychologists in the United States. His workshop presents therapy techniques for SFBT – a practical approach to therapy that is particularly effective with so-called "difficult" or "resistant" clients. Participants will learn common SFBT strategies to improve therapy results. Dr. Murphy is an associate professor of psychology at Central Arkansas University.

"Self-Mutilation, Suicide, Youth Violence and Managing Emotionality: Critical Issues for Schools and Communities" by Dr. Scott Poland will be presented July 13 and 14. Poland is the author of several works on crisis intervention, and served on national crisis teams following 9/11, the Oklahoma City bombing, and Columbine. In his series, the crisis specialist will discuss a number of disturbing behavioral trends in youth. Participants will learn strategies to reduce the leading causes of death for children and will study crisis-processing models. Poland is a professor at NOVA Southeastern University.

"A Framework for Understanding Economic Diversity" by Dr. Rita Pierson will be presented July 21. Pierson has served in a number of roles during her 34 years as an educator. She is a licensed professional counselor and the developer of an in-school crisis team. Through her workshop, Pierson will teach participants how to better work with children, especially those from poverty. Participants will also learn how to give back through lobbying, foundation development, and education efforts. Pierson is a consultant for Aha! Process, Inc.

All presentations will be held on the campus of PSU. Each workshop is $70, and is recommended for anyone who works with children and youth. Some sessions can be taken for one credit hour of coursework. Call Carol Oehme in the Department of Psychology and Counseling to register at 620-235-4522 or email at coehme@pittstate.edu.

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