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Friday, December 02, 2005

Group honors PSU for memorial

The Topeka Chapter of the Military Order of World Wars has presented the Patrick Henry Award to Pittsburg State University in recognition of the outstanding patriotic activities offered at the PSU Veterans Memorial Amphitheater.

Col. (Ret.) Robert Tindall presented the award to James AuBuchon, PSU Vice President for University Advancement, during a ceremony in Topeka.

According to the association’s web site, the Military Order is a patriotic, nonpartisan organization, which holds that it is nobler to serve than to be served. The Order was established in 1919 to promote the welfare of the nation. The Military Order provides an opportunity for officers of all of the uniformed services to unite in a strong program to promote national security, patriotism, good citizenship and service to country.

The order is comprised of more than 155 Chapters across the nation, with chapters in Kansas City and Topeka.

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